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Josh Johnson - Dribbble


Scamp Studio managed to catch five minutes of Josh’s time to discuss all things creative, here’s what he had to say for himself…

So Josh, first things first. For those who may not have heard of you. Where do you work, and what do you do on a day to day basis?

I’m a Senior Product Manager at Dribbble. As a PM, my daily duties vary pretty dramatically. One of the most important aspects of my job is helping to plan out the product roadmap. These are the priorities and projects we’re going to focus on. That starts with lots of research, both from direct user feedback as well as diving into analytics to see how people are moving through the site today. The other side of the job is implementing that work. I lead a product team full of super talented engineers and designers and together we build the future of Dribbble. It’s honestly a dream job for me and I consider myself very fortunate to be able to work at this great place with these amazing people every day.

So what tools do your team opt for when doing their job? And why?

We use Figma for everything. I’m an old school Photoshop guy so I was pretty grumpy about switching to Figma, but it has blown me away. The ability to collaborate with multiple designers and PMs in a single canvas in real time, and leave comments directly on top of the work is a huge time saver. Figma alone does the work of 2-3 apps that I’ve used in the past.

If someone wanted to get a role at your company, what advice would you give them so they can make an impact? And stand out from the crowd...

At Dribbble, the design community is the heart of everything we do, so we look for people who are passionate about helping designers achieve their goals. Additionally, we’re not your typical cutthroat startup and we like it that way. We’re independent, small, profitable, and 100% remote. We know that’s pretty weird for a tech company and we want people on the team who love that weirdness as much as we do.

Are there any books/ebooks/podcasts would you recommend for some quality bedtime reading or listening?

I just finished Coaching Habits and am now reading The Making of a Manager, both of which I’d recommend for anyone in management or looking to get into management. For product advice, start with anything by Melissa Peri, Marty Cagan, Eric Ries, or Nir Eyal. I’ve learned a lot from these authors!For podcasts, I highly recommend expanding your horizons outside of design and product. There are loads of great design podcasts, but I find that most of my interesting ideas and valuable lessons come from podcasts outside my bubble that expand my way of looking at the world. For example, Freakonimics and Planet Money are invaluable resources on both behavioural and traditional economics. They’ll teach you a lot about why people make decisions and how to put incentives into place that can effectively implement positive change..

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