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Flo Diaconu - Mango


Scamp Studio managed to catch five minutes of Flo’s time to discuss all things creative, here’s what he had to say for himself…

So Flo, first things first. For those who may not have heard of you. Where do you work, and what do you do on a day to day basis?

I am a product designer, working currently working for Mango Languages. On a daily basis i am involved in UI/UX production work, design system maintenance and motion design (prototypes and motion interaction explorations).

Sound’s pretty cool! As you a designer, you have a multitude of different tools at your disposal. What tools do you opt for to do your role? And why?

We use figma as the main design tool. I think it is perfect for teams who have remote people because of the live collaboration feature they have. Then for personal projects I use invision studio because of its cool animation features. I juggle with pretty much all design tools but those 2 I use everyday.

If someone wanted to get a role at your company, what advice would you give them so they can make an impact? And stand out from the crowd...

As advice in general I'd say: be honest, direct and aim higher. I think these 3 are the "secret" recipe to become a decent designer. And then there is the flexibility and focus. I think being able to tackle animation, branding, ui, and even code is super beneficial. But have 1 strong point of focus. So be a jack of all trades and master of 1.

Are there any books/ebooks/podcasts would you recommend for some quality bedtime reading or listening?

To be fair I am not a fan of podcasts. It is pretty hard to find a good one. At least in my opinion. But I really enjoyed a few:

Google has some interesting ones:

And Tobias's Show is pretty cool

Books: i rarely read design books. I prefer normal books but i did read some good design ones:Designing Products People Love by Scott Hurf
The Man in the Glass House by Mark Lamster
World Without Mind by Franklin Foer

I’ve given you £3,000 to start you up as a junior designer. What’s your budget going on and why?

Buy a laptop, then with the rest of the money go travel, see art, get inspired, go visit your favourite design team, spend a day with them. Be around better people is the only way to be better yourself. Never be afraid of doing and saying what you think. Money is not important as long as you do what you love, money will eventually come.

Tom Masonfreelance, designer