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Mathijs Lemmers - Adecon


Scamp Studio managed to catch five minutes of Mathijs’ time to discuss all things creative, here’s what he had to say for himself…

So Mathijs, first things first. For those who may not have heard of you. Where do you work, and what do you do on a day to day basis?

Currently I’m designing at Adecon, a local agency in the Netherlands. We mainly focus on websites and web applications but do some branding every now and then as well. For each project I take on everything from the conceptual elaboration (sitemaps and flowcharts) to the actual design and build of the website. For the backend development I have an amazing team of developers to work with. Meaning limitations are nearly non-existent.The coming and going of projects means I can really challenge myself to keep evolving and make better websites each and every time.

Sound’s pretty cool! As you a designer, you have a multitude of different tools at your disposal. What tools do you opt for to do your role? And why?

I use Sketch for flowcharts and website designs. It’s a very reliable and robust program that helps me design as efficiently as possible, without holding me back. For the actual development of our websites we use our very own custom framework. This makes it extremely easy to create custom functionality for clients while ensuring the stability and security they expect.

If someone wanted to get a role at your company, what advice would you give them so they can make an impact? And stand out from the crowd...

We are very critical when it comes down to recruitment. New team members don’t necessarily need to be the best of the best within their skillset, but do have to be able to strive for an A every single day. Personality wise we just want you to be yourself and are open to modifying the function to meet your needs. If you’re someone who is willing to continuously evolve and bring your A-game, you’ll fit right in.

Are there any books/ebooks/podcasts would you recommend for some quality bedtime reading or listening?

Honestly, I try to steer away from design related books and podcasts. I’ve also kind of given up on listening to podcasts because for some reason I just can’t seem to focus enough to actually soak up the given knowledge.I do really enjoy reading and am currently reading ‘Utopia for realists’ by Rutger Bregman.

I’ve given you £3,000 to start you up as a junior designer. What’s your budget going on and why?

The most amazing thing about this day and age is that the tools right know are really good and very accessible at the same time. I’d get myself a refurbished Macbook Pro, install Figma (free) and set up a website. After that I would probably still have about £ 1,500 left. What we need to do now is fill that website up with amazing projects. Not just shiny homepage designs, but elaborate case studies that show how I solve problems for potential clients.I believe education in our business works best when just diving straight in. Purchase some e-books from designers you admire, follow some classes that they’ve put up on their websites or on Skillshare and just make awesome stuff.In order to get hired I am a sucker for a personal approach. You’re better off applying for 5 jobs in a unique way than to send 20 recruiters a placeholder message with a link to your website. The personal approach has worked out great for me in the past.I’d definitely use some of the money to go to events to meet other designers, because knowing designers is an excellent way to find a way into some very cool companies.

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