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Scamp Studio talks with the leading designers within the industry to bring you all the insights, tips and general creative chit chat.

Luke Belcarski - Cogision


Scamp Studio managed to catch five minutes of Luke’s time to discuss all things creative, here’s what he had to say for himself…

So Luke, first things first. For those who may not have heard of you. Where do you work, and what do you do on a day to day basis?

I’m responsible for:
A. Improving the work of the design team – creation and maintenance of repeatable and effective project processes
B. Creating the identity of a project team - being its “face” when the situation requires it, knowledge of the team’s needs and requirements, its principles and characteristics.
C. Assistance in outlining the directions of visual design solutions
D. Inspiration and mentoring
E. Team development through systematic design of reviews and feedback
F. Ensuring visual quality of projects

Sound’s pretty cool! As you a designer, you have a multitude of different tools at your disposal. What tools do you opt for to do your role? And why?

My main drivers are:
A. Trello - easy to manage tasks and other stuff for each project in one place,
B. Miro - best tool for basically everything (workshops, brainstorms, wireframes, summaries, research findings, information architecture, learning and much more
C: Figma - easy to use and switching between style guides give us freedom we need for eqach project,
D. Google Slides (good tool for presentations in front of the clients also for sharing and discussing stuff),
C. Slack (for ongoing internal and external communication - decisions are documented on Trello)
E. Harvest - to be efficient and better in what we do
F. My brain and mouth - most important one - mainly through talks and meetings I can achieve my goals

If someone wanted to get a role at your company, what advice would you give them so they can make an impact? And stand out from the crowd...

how your personality, your passions, things u like, your failures etc. - not necessary connected with our work. We seek members of our “small family” so not every person who has an awesome skills will fit. Personal fit is number 1 here One of our candidates sent us video where he was singing rap music presenting his skills and himself in that way That might give you some idea how to impress us

Are there any books/ebooks/podcasts would you recommend for some quality bedtime reading or listening?

For bedtime I would recommend things that will help you get sleep for example: Charles Burns comics But if you want to learn try to read during the day that is the most efficient time to actually learn from reading. For book recommendations here some recent ones I read:
A. Articulating Design Decisions from o’reilly
B. All books from Mike Monteiro

I’ve given you £3,000 to start you up as a junior designer. What’s your budget going on and why?

Go to the company you would like to work for and tell them that you can pay them to keep you around for some time, so you can learn from them.

Tom Masonfreelance, designer