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Scamp Studio talks with the leading designers within the industry to bring you all the insights, tips and general creative chit chat.

Luis Ouriach - UpgradePack


Scamp Studio managed to catch five minutes of Luis’ time to discuss all things creative, here’s what he had to say for himself…

So Luis, first things first. For those who may not have heard of you. Where do you work, and what do you do on a day to day basis?

I'm Luis, Lead Designer @UpgradePack. We're a first to market loyalty app, bringing travel upgrades to high net work banking customers and companies who offer employee benefit schemes. I'm responsible for the design direction of our app and web products, working with our junior designer, UX designer and broader product team to bring our product roadmap to life. I also spend an alarming amount of time nagging our marketing and PR team about possible initiatives or growth ideas.

Sound’s pretty cool! As you a designer, you have a multitude of different tools at your disposal. What tools do you opt for to do your role? And why?

I dive into either Sketch or Figma (we're in a bit of a transition phase) to design app screens and marketing collateral, build out our website using Webflow, write blog posts in Dropbox Paper, and communicate with the team using Slack. For any interactions, we'll use InVision Studio or I'll code it up using good old HTML and CSS. I spend a lot of time writing documentation (either in a design tool and exported as PDF, or in Confluence) for our design decisions, as current tooling just doesn't facilitate handoff quite how we'd like.

If someone wanted to get a role at your company, what advice would you give them so they can make an impact? And stand out from the crowd...

For me, it's all about having a raw ability. Tools and design process can be taught, but if you're hungry and passionate about designing, I'll listen to what you have to say. Further to this, communication is key. Being able to talk through your thoughts and also question me (I don't know everything) will ensure we keep pushing the team forward.

Are there any books/ebooks/podcasts would you recommend for some quality bedtime reading or listening?

I don't tend to spend too much time consuming design media, as I find it can be a bit self indulgent. I do have a quite consistent routine with the following podcasts though: Dissect; Today in Focus, by the Guardian; Full Disclosure, by James O'Brien; Masters of Scale, by Reid Hoffman; Beyond Today, by BBC Radio 4; The Guardian Football Weekly; Totally Football Show, with James Richardson.

I’ve given you £3,000 to start you up as a junior designer. What’s your budget going on and why?

What a question. I'd buy a Macbook, a Sketch license, and pay me the rest to get you up to speed quickly.